Monday, July 4, 2011

FireCracker 5K Recap

Today; July 4, 2011, Shelby and I completed the Ann Abor Firecracker 5K.

Pre-Race Goals:
No Injuries
Not to Embarrass Myself (First 5K in 7+ years)
Time Goal: Break 19:00, (stretch goal: break 18:30)
Have Fun

Shelby and I arrived at race site at ~ 7:30 AM for an 8:00 AM race start
A brief warm was completed that included a couple of stride-outs and a few minutes of stretching.
Looking around before the race started, I picked out quite a few people that I dubbed as "fit-runners" based on their slender builds, and race attire.
I am by no means "big" but when I see "fit runners", I realize that college football, and triathlon has "changed" my body in comparison to a lot of endurance runners.
I lined up at the start of the race (a first for me) and was wondering where all of the "fit runners" I saw prior to the start had gone.
The gun went off and I found myself in the top 5.
I was quickly swallowed by a large group of runners, and a sense of calmness came over me. (There they were)
After going out at 5:20 p/m for the first 1/4 m, I settled into a comfortable pace (5:42)
Time passed by and the on-sluaght of people passing me came to an end, I began to overtake some athletes.
I felt my legs come around and settled into a rhythm starting around mile 2.5.
I maintained the pace and cruised in to the finish.

Mile Splits:
Mile 1: 5:41
Mile 2: 5:49
Mile 3: 5:47
Total: 18:02

Additional information is available here:

Overall Lasting Impressions:
I felt good throughout the event
I was pleasantly surprised by my time, but also realize that if I ever want to be "competitive" for the overall win in most sprint triathlons, I really need to work on improving my foot speed (or really increase my swim form). However, this time is encouraging given my lack of training due to injury (stress fracture ; September through May) and due to work schedules.

The performance of the day/household goes to Shelby. Shelby had a fantastic day, just missing her time goal, despite suffering from a bad side cramp/pulled muscle the better part of the last mile

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  1. You are a liar Mr. "I hope I can break 20 minutes." Pffft