Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Operation Muncie: May Totals

May is in the bag. My totals for the month (by discipline) appear below:

Swim: 29,500 yards
Bike: 14.75 hrs on CompuTrainer
150.5 miles
Run: 112 miles

Thoughts *& Lessons Learned:

My swim form is coming back, but I am still a long ways off of the endurance and speed a year ago at this time.
I have noticed that there appears to be a direct correlation between swim fitness and running fitness, and as my running fitness has increased so too has my swim.

I have begun to close the gap from my fitness last fall to where I was just 1-month ago. At the begining of May I was averaging about 60 Watts lower per given heart rate over a set period of time. I believe I am closer to 40- Watts now, however, my endurance and overall sustainable top-speed is very undesirable.
One session of speedwork/intervals completed to date

I have been run limited due to the onset of shin spints, work load, concern of re-injury, etc, nonetheless improvement continues.
No speedwork or intervals completed to date

Each of the totals represents arroximately 2/3 of the amount I have completed in previous years for the month of May and is very similar to the totals for January/february.
The body is only capable of taking on so much after taking 7-months off due to injury.

Upcoming "key" workouts:
Ann Arbor/ Dexter Half Marathon
Waterloo Sprint Tr

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