Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Meet Lance:

Lance is my Bike, err, I should say that Lance was my bike (RIP). I named him after the cycling great Lance Armstrong, whom I share the same birthday (September 18) but different year.
I have been called Lance numerous times while cycling. I wish it was because I could ride like him, but it's not; He is the most popular US cyclist and the period when I was "mistaken" for him often came at the height of his 7-Tour de France victories, and I was out riding. People saw a cyclist and put the action with a name. A similar thing has happened with Forrest Gump while running.

Lance is the grandson to T23, and the son to Blade. T23 was my first road bike, and Blade representing my first TT/tri-bike (to be discussed at a later date)

Below are some of the special memories that Lance and I have shared together:

July 2, 2008:
I meet Lance for the first time
I was/am awestruck by his profile, his lines, his weight, stiffness, and beauty. (okay, it's getting out of hand)
My first ride with Lance was only 1-mile but I was almost scared because of how he handled and the speed at which he could go with very little perceived effort

July 3, 2008:
My first real ride with Lance
We set a season PR on my favorite training course by about 2.4 mph

July 12, 2008: Muncie Endurathon
Our first race together. The conditions were not ideal for riding with thunderstorms and a driving rain the duration of the ride
Nonetheless, we set a new PR for the distance and went from 119th place to 19th place coming into T2 posting the 21st fastest ride of the day

August 2, 2008: Steelhead 70.3
We share our first (and only) crash together
Two riders got together coming into T2 too fast and not knowing where the dismount line was
Lance and I do an end-over but manage to come out relatively unscratched

May 25, 2009: Betsy
Lance meets and falls in love with Betsy
The two remain close to this day
In fact they moved in together on 8/1/10 and have shared a room ever since
I have had to keep my eyes on these two; I can hardly keep them separated and have caught them in the "act" on more than one occasion. (see April 16, 2011 for evidence that I did a poor job keeping them separated)

July 12, 2009: Ironman Switzerland
Lance and I travel to Switzerland to compete in our first Ironman Triathlon together

December 29, 2009: Lance meet CompuTrainer
Lance and I are introduced to the CompuTrainer with a 75-minute ride
The three of us would go on and spend 325+ hours together

July 25, 2010: Ironman Lake Placid
Lance, Betsy, Shelby, and I travel to Lake Placid, NY to compete in IM LP
Lance gets upset with me for not riding faster and getting passed by so many riders
I'm Sorry Lance

August 8, 2010: Sylvania Olympic Distance Triathlon
Lance and I break the 60-minute mark for the bike leg setting a PR for the distance at 58:50 which was good for the 4th fastest ride of the day

September 12, 2010: Rev3 Cedar Point Full-Rev Triathlon
This would be Lances last race
He went out with a bang helping me set a PR for the distance (despite missing a turn and riding an extra 3.87 miles) and recording the 22nd fastest bike split of the day

March 2011: Man Down. Call an Ambulance
Lance is diagnosed with a non-operable break (near the bottle holder on the downtube)

April 13, 2011: Last Outdoor Ride
Lance, Betsy, Shelby and I share our last outdoor ride together

April 16, 2011: Beer
Lance and I have a beer to celebrate and honor the good times shared together
You can see evidence of Lance and Betsy's relationship on the wall behind me. They produced a tri-cycle (named Tri), which is going to grow up one day and be the fastest, most aerodynamic bike in the world (after it loses its training wheel))

April 17, 2011: Good Bye and Thank You
Lance, Betsy, Shelby and I share our last indoor training ride together, riding a total of 122-minutes
Lance being the trooper that he is agreed to donate his organs to his son (to be named upon his delivery)

States & Countries that Lance and I visited together:
New York

Number of races with Lance: 13
Miles spent with Lance: 6,247
Hours on the Indoor Trainer with Lance: 354
Top Recorded Speed with Lance: 67-mph (IM Switzerland)

Modifications Awarded to Lance:
S-bend aero bars
R2C Shifters
Quarq Power Meter
Fi;zik Arione Tri2 Seat
Hed Jet Disk, Hed Jet 9
Speedplay Pedals

Awards & Distinctions:
Age Group Fastest Bike Split: 8
Top-5 Overall Fastest Bike Split: 6

- - -

7/2/08 - 4/17/11

I will miss you Lance. Thank you for all of the great memories. I am sorry I could not ride to your potential and not being able to spend more time with you. Your end came too soon. May you be reunited and ride in peace with your father; Blade, and grandfather; T23.

Betsy, Shelby and I will take good care of your son(s). Miss you.



  1. Wow this is THE best blog post ever! Not even lying. RIP Lance. Betsy 2 will miss Lance. Bike room looks empty without him =(

  2. I am sure Lance's replacement will be wonderful also. Nice post.

  3. I am very sorry for your loss. I wish my bike and my husband's bike could create some sort of awesome carbo baby bike so we don't have to buy anymore....I bet it doesn't quite work that way.