Friday, April 8, 2011

Injury Update

It has been a lottle while since I have blogged. I tend to go through these phases so all of my dedicated followers will need to be patient with me.

My latst attempt at recovering from my injury was to basically stop doing everything (s/b/r, weights, etc), this was largely inspired by lack of inspiratioin/motivation on my end. It's been 7-months since the injury first showed its presence, which is about 7-months too long...

I recently started running again, and for the most part things have felt about the same as they did before (at any given time during the recent 7-months), but it got to the point that I basically said "screw it. I am going to do this". This last about 1.4 weeks where I built up to a 3-mile run before the pain became too intense to continue and I took another 2-weeks off.

Most recently I have started running with Shelby and have also started to bike once again (I love my CompuTrainer). Yes the pain is still there, but it does not seem to be getting better and/or worse with activity.

One of my friends, Leah, has recently started to have her own bout with achillies issues with symptons that sounded very similar to my own. Several weeks ago Erin suggested that I go and see Clint ( for a consultation. I didnt take her advice,,, Until today.

I am the owner of custom fitted orthotics. From the initial feel of them they feel wonderful. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are the solution.

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  1. Yay I need a running buddy since Erin divorced me!