Sunday, March 20, 2011

NYC Half-Marathon

Pretty impressive half marathon debut for some of the top finishers
One of the lessons I have to keep reminding myself: To get faster at long distance, sometimes it is necessary to get faster at the shorter distances (5K, 10K, etc).

On the return to running front, my obervations:

I am really out of shape.
No increase in pain
My average heart rate for a 3-mile run on a treadmill was 178 bpm at 8:30 pace.
No elevation
My legs are sore

I am running, and that is a good thing..


  1. My heart rate was 220 when you were driving us to Chelsea last night. Yikes.

  2. Yes! Running is a good thing. Now keep doing it please.

  3. Read my latest post and do it! I tagged you xoxo