Sunday, March 20, 2011

NYC Half-Marathon

Pretty impressive half marathon debut for some of the top finishers
One of the lessons I have to keep reminding myself: To get faster at long distance, sometimes it is necessary to get faster at the shorter distances (5K, 10K, etc).

On the return to running front, my obervations:

I am really out of shape.
No increase in pain
My average heart rate for a 3-mile run on a treadmill was 178 bpm at 8:30 pace.
No elevation
My legs are sore

I am running, and that is a good thing..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Live from Seat 16D

I soon will be boarding my flight to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend a meeting for work. As I sit in the airport waiting for my flight several thoughts are crossing my mind that I thought that I would share with my loyal followers (all 2 of you).

Thought 1: The Sun WILL Come Out Tomorrow

I have had this song stuck in my head for the past several days. Not really sure why, as I haven’t heard the song recently. It could be partially due to warmer weather and spring is just right around the corner. However, as it may, there are no signs of the sun out right now, which is fitting for the mood I am. All I can say is that some days are better than others, and I keep telling myself “Self cheer up. Tomorrow will be a better day. The sun will be out tomorrow”.

Thought 2: Technology is great, but…

Technology is great but it in my opinion it has set “communication” skills back several decades. Prior to computers, text messages, email, etc, people actually used to talk to each other. As I look around the airport very people are talking. People pass by each other with zero interaction, head held down, zero eye contact, a missed opportunity. Today, I see people (IMO) hiding behind keyboards writing messages to from people instead of picking up the phone and actually talking to that person. Sometimes it is a matter of convenience, but my experience suggests that it is done to potentially avoid talking to someone. Is there really something “wrong” with talking to someone about a serious topic that you inquired about? I am guilty of this myself as I sit here writing this.
Thought 3: False Reporting
In the last several days I have witnessed several inaccurate news reports, miss-information, and coverage of the events surrounding the condition of nuclear steam generators affected by the earth quake/tsunami in Japan. I agree with the coverage in that there is a risk, that damage has been done, that there is a potential for additional damage, and that there is a potential for additional exposure. I do however, disagree with the “5-W’s” that have been reported on the topic. For the most part I have stopped watching news/media coverage of events (outside of the weather) and have found that I am much “happier”. I won’t say that ignorance is bliss but I grow tired of the hype that is built around the often the most basic topics and storylines. I understand that it s the “job” of the media to provide coverage, but I also realize that it is there “job” or in there “best interests” to make that coverage 1. Interesting to capture an audience, and 2, To fill a time slot. NOT EVERYTHING is NEWS Worthy, there is no need for sensationalism, and there is a lot of value in verifying the accuracy of the story/coverage prior to publication. If the media had actually interviewed “experts” in the area, and/or knew the conditions and events of incidents, then they might know that the succession of events that has taken place is predictable.

Thought 4: Time to go to my seat. Seat 16D

That’s all folks

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snap. Crackle. Relief?

Last week represented a series of highs and lows for me in terms of working out.

The week started with plans of starting to run again. After my first run, I suspected my achilles was not yet ready due to the level of discomfort experienced during and then in the days after the run.

In the following days I had made up my mind that I was not going to run or bike again for another 2-months. As you might imagine this was not sitting well with me, my levels of frustrations continued to grow, and my overall motivation to continue doing much of anything fitness related were plunging.

This past Saturday, I met with Jess for a swim session where she displayed her swimming skills, and I did my best impression to avoid looking like a floundering finless whale with a broken tail. My ankle/achilles felt pretty "rough" in the morning...

My "routine" called for me to lift weights after the swim. I had considered throwing in the towel after the swim but gave it a go. During my third set of a modified lunge/leg press I heard a snap, a crackle, then felt a movement in my left ankle/achillies area extending up and around my calf. It felt as if something was moving around in my lower leg, and it wanted out. It wasent really painful, but my mind was terrified about what might have just happened and I stopped the workout.

Later that day, I realized that the pain was substantially less than the level experienced in the morning, and at anytime in the previous 4-5 months. I dont really know what happened. I have my speculations, but at this point I dont really care. I know that at this point things continue to feel really well, and I was even able to run 1/4 of a mile on monday with no discomfort during, or after. This is a complete 180 from the run I did the week before.

Next time I go grocery shopping I will be buying a box of Kelloggs Rice Krispies. I have never been so relieved to hear the sweet sounds of Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


On Tuesday, March 1, 2011 a little girl asked me "How old are you?", before I responded I asked her "How old do you think that I am?". Her Response "42". This caught me off-guard. Do I really look like I'm 42?

In other news, I ran on that same day. I completed the run as perscribed: Walk for 3-minutes, run for 30-seconds, walk for 3-minutes, run for 30-seconds, repeat for a total of 30-minutes. The session was completed on a treadmill, to help control pace and to limit stress on the achillies (no hills elevation changes). There was some pain while running, but at this point it is manageable and encouraging. I have noticed the pain is more intense/sharp when my left leg crosses the center line of my body (due to a muscle imbalance I am working on). I will repeat this session two more times this week, and if the pain remains the same I graduate up to running for 60-seconds at a time (at 9:00 minute per mile pace)....