Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have been slacking lately in terms of more than updating this blog.

Training sessions have gone fair, and I am really starting to regret signing up for the Boston Marathon. The weather is nice, I am eager to really start to ramp up the miles and intensity on the bike, but have not done so in preparation for Boston, and due to some pains that developed in the outer portions of my right ankle (mentions in the previous post). The pains are gone (dissapeared as quickly as they arrived).

In light of not biking much (due to Boston prep and ankle), I have spent more time in the pool. For the first time in months, I finally feel that my swiming is coming together (as least by ny standards, which admittingly is by no means good, or anywhere close to the defination).

In spite of all of this, I feel good. I feel refreshed, and am really looking forward to training beyond Boston, and the long weekends in the saddle that are in front of me.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Training has not gone accoridng to plan since my last update. This is mostly attributable to the Easter weekend and helping Shelby dog-sit over the weekend, but is also due to some injuries/pains that have popped up within the last week. With the official start of IMLP training now underway, I am being overly caustious at not doing anything stupid at this point that will cause the pains to develop into something more serious, and/or permanent.

I have narrowed the source of the pain down to either the track workouts (putting pressure on my right foot), and/or biking (intervals, crank length change).

Last Week Totals:

Swim: 8300 yds

Nothing too good to comment on relating to swimming. In fact a review of my training logs lists the following comments: "Body is tired", "Body is tight/sore", Quit workout due to exhaustion". This is fairly accurate.

Bike: 6.2 hrs

Most of this was done on the computrainer despite great weather. This is primarily due to time limitations, swimming schedules, and the fact that I feel a get much better workout on the trainer than I do outdoors.

I had planned on a nice ride on both Saturday and Sunday but other commitments prevented caused for amended workouts each day.

Run: 19.5 miles

This is the smallest amount that I have run in a work unobstructed week in years. This is partially due to an overall tired feeling that has come over me in recent weeks.

The highlight of the run was a 14.2 mile run on dirt roads that featured over 1000 feet of climbing. This is the second time that I have done this run, and it has kicked my butt both times. I believe that the second time was mostly due to heat (75 deg F), wind, and dehydration. My pacing was good, but I felt "off" from the get go.

This week will be better.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Track Workout

Training Update:


I did 2-separate rides yesterday. The first one was completed in the morning and didnt feature anything too difficult, more of a recovery ride with a few sustained efforts than anything else. The ride was highlighted by 20-minutes @ 260 Watts (big gear) and a heart rate of 155.

The second ride was a 55-minute effort that featured 3x5 minute intervals at HR 155 and 260 Watts (high cadence). The last effort felt much more difficult than the first two but I was rewarded by a 271 Watt average for the effort.

After the second ride, I swapped shoes and did an easy warm-up to Pioneer HS where I completed 8x400 with a 200 active recovery (completed in the same time I finished the previous 400). It was a good effort, where I was able to run each successive interval faster than the previous. I averaged 76.4 seconds with a slow of 79, and a fast lap of 72 where I had Shelby running down my back the first 150 meters.

Looking forward to a good swim session tonight.

Feeling good about the effort, and am looking forward to the remaining workouts scheduled for the week.

A new diet goes into effect this week as well.